The current update is that the Riviera Maya is due to open again in early June. So, what does that mean? You can read more about what to expect if you were to visit now here. The Cancun Herald. Those circulating for essential business must obtain a permit. Do you think that our holiday will be possible? Hello Hugo that’s so awesome! Also, are there young people that are travelling to Cancun already or is it not that many tourists that are there right now? There is no curfew in effect. PlayaDelCarmen.Com. The First Case of Coronavirus in Quintana Roo The news of the 4 cases in the Yucatan & Quintanaroo began on March 14th when The Secretary of Health for Yucatan, Mauricio Sauri Vivas, confirmed the first case at a press conference in the Government Palace. Any news on the Royal Haciendas? I would like to go as soon as things are up and running and places are open. That said, I think it’s wise and I advise all travelers to get one before any travel because: I’ve gathered a list of all the major airlines flying into Cancun and provided links to their site and videos that detail the changes they have made in response to COVID-19, I hope you find them useful. And if anything does change again we are offering change the date keep the rate policies anyway. Cancun’s state, Quintana Roo, was yellow. I understand your concern. I’ve not heard of any complications officials are just being very vigilant in response to minimizing the likelihood of contagion. I was hoping you could help start a new post on how to obtain Covid-19 PCR tests in Cancun? When would you say places are opening back up? Keep being awesome! Yes, as safe as it can possibly be to travel in 2020. Reach out if you need anything, I will be here. The Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council is planning a promotional campaign for the end of May aimed at reviving tourism in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the Riviera Maya News reported. Pro-Trump rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol should be added to the federal no-fly list, the chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security said on Thursday. “We have all been trained to follow the ‘Travel With Confidence’ protocol guidebook that explains in detail how to clean and sanitize the guest suites,” she said. If you can keep your distance on the beach it is not required to wear a mask :). "This is too many people. Great question. Hi Pep comments like yours really do make my day…especially in these weird times. . Hi Daniel, exciting stuff. Increase in the arrival of Chinese and Korean tourism in Cancun and other states of the country The flow of visitors is high despite cancellations of flights due to Covid-19 coronavirus. I moved my bday travel from 4/25 to 6/19, seems i’ll be there for the Equinox snake thx for that info and dates. Under ASUR, the company that operates the major airports in southeast Mexico, Cancun’s airport protocols have been updated to include temperature control, social distancing measures, mandatory mask usage, and hand sanitizer stations. Expect to have your temperature taken upon arrival, and when returning home, you'll have to fill out a COVID-19-related questionnaire at the airport before being allowed through security. It’s important to remember that it’s still a pandemic, and it will take a while for everything to return to normal. There’s no quarantine restriction in place for arrivals to Mexico that I am aware of. Most common EPA-registered household disinfectants will work. Live your life :). However, it does seem like people are flying again as the business is certainly picking back up but it all comes down to how you feel at the end of the day as we want you to enjoy your time here. Really appreciate that you’re motivating people to keep traveling. The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person, between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet). Our event planner has not been helpful and feel their only motivation is to still make this wedding happen for their best interest. Hi, my son has a destination wedding at Xcaret on 7/12. Hmmm, this seems to be PROMOTING travel to Riviera Maya and does not even mention beaches closed, many hotels are closed and bars/restaurants are closed. I am traveling to Tulum Nov 24th for a week with a few others. Inside the elevators, attendants greet you with giant jugs of hand sanitizer, and inside the guest suites, boxes of masks and hand sanitizer sit beside the bed. Constituyentes; Av. This past April, during the height of the lockdown, tourism income brought in only 6.3 percent of what it did a year prior, and reports say close to 90,000 tourism jobs in Cancun were lost. If you are a bride or groom that booked your wedding with us please reach out if you have any questions whatsoever we are here to help and organize. like Tulum, etc? I know there’s this beach club in Tulum that everyone goes to ‘Eufemia’. Salvador Gutiérrez, assistant to the chief concierge at the Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancún All Inclusive Spa Resort, has been back at work since June 13. Thank you. One thing to keep in mind when renting a car in Cancun is price gouging on insurance. How are things in Tulum? Masks are required, there’s an unlimited supply of hand sanitizer, and temperatures are taken and shoes wiped clean upon arrival. Are there any quarantine restrictions in place for tourists from the States? 30; Av. Hi Sarah, first off thank you so very much for your blogging and helping so many people. “Safe Travels” global safety and hygiene stamp, Mexican Caribbean Clean & Safe Check Certification, only applied to land crossings, commuter rail, and ferry travel, Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancún All Inclusive Spa Resort, Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancún. . If you are undecided on your plans many resorts such as AM Resorts,  are even offering enhanced vacation experiences to encourage you to keep your plans. With the right hygiene precautions and the right resort, you will be just fine. As that is something we can help you with. “Over 6,000 companies to date have applied for the certification, which reaffirms the commitment of our people to the safety and health of our visitors,” said Flota. Other tourists fretted the crowding could feed the spread of coronavirus in Mexico, which has recorded almost 83,000 fatalities from COVID-19, the fourth highest globally. This may serve as a relief for many Americans hoping to travel internationally, as other borders are likely to remain closed to U.S. passports for some time. And if you are staying at a resort it’s classed as a private beach and will be DEFINITELY open. We can’t wait to welcome you to paradise. Never mix household bleach with ammonia or any other cleanser. If yes I guess we should stay home I appreciate your input. Do you have any information on the grand princess Rivera please. ADVERTISING . Flights from Cancun to Canada lead the list of routes with the most Covid-19 cases. 2 couples hoping to travel to Cancun the beginning of Feb What is the current situation? COVID-19 the most lethal assassin in Mexico. Did you book with us? In most cases, masks are required to be worn for all tours. Slowly but surely more and more flights are beginning to take to the sky. Hello Emilio, I hope this comment reaches you in good health. You should be fine if that predictment stays the same. Hey Martyna, yes I think by September things will be way on there way back to being “normal”. Are the major clubs open for dancing and partying or are many clubs restricted? Hey Miguel, yes I think this is true although flights are limited. That is a great idea for a post I will get to work on that right away. There are no app-based ride-shares like Uber or Lyft in Cancun. Mexico records first case of new Covid-19 variant. The state Department of Health said that COVID-19 cases appear to be increasingly sharply statewide in the most recent data. I once absent-mindedly stepped into the lobby with my mask still in my beach bag, and within seconds, an employee politely approached me with a new one. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, DC on lockdown and on edge before Biden's inauguration, Boats emerge from Sahara sand to transport migrants to Spain, One Traveler Visited Cancun Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic — Here's What It Was Really Like, 10 Tips for Staying Safe in a Hotel This Summer. Quintana Roo health care workers to begin vaccinations next week. Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. For example, the only result one could find was a lab called Chopo but it takes 4 business days to get a result. Book now and steal yourself a great deal for 2021. Adherence to strict international guidelines and protocols related to the prevention, detection, and treatment of many diseases. Perhaps the most important decision when planning a trip to Cancun — any time, but especially during COVID-19 — is where you’re going to stay. . Once I know more I’ll be able to help advise you better. However, that could change so feel free to reach out to me at for the latest. Because Cancun is so dependent on tourism, the destination was hard hit economically by the coronavirus. As of May 1, the Benito Juarez municipality where Cancún is located had 619 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and had recorded 82 deaths. Mexico had reported more than 1.5 million cases of Covid-19 and more than 136,000 deaths as of January 14 (although some believe the figure is higher). Answer 1 of 43: Can anyone on the ground or who follows and can translate Mexican media sources into English keep us apprised of how the Mexican government is responding to the crisis? The Quintana Roo State Government tweeted that the restricted schedule for the sale of alcohol is being extended to July 31, 2020.”, “Playa Del Carmen: Authorities have closed roads and set up police filters throughout town to limit the circulation of individuals. You can keep track of COVID-19 cases around the world in real-time HERE. Where Can I Get a COVID Test in Cancun & The Riviera Maya? Hope that helps! We stepped across it and found an attendant to query. I hope that helps. We are vigilant and the situation is under control.”. There is ample free parking near beaches and other attractions, and parking in a garage or private lot will often only cost you a couple of dollars. I am planning on coming to stay in the Hotel Zone in Cancun in the middle of November 2020. 30 con Calle 6; Av. Whether he was misinformed or simply being nice, we were able to stay without issue, and saw only one other group there. Hey Bob, I am not totally sure of what happens if you have a fever but I imagine it’s very unlikely that you will. Most of the hotels are reopen now…but if you didn’t book with us please double check with your hotel to make sure that is that case. The place at this point is certainly very empty. No, on May 30 you should be good to go. I hope that helps. As long as COVID-19 is a threat, traveling is a risk. Because of the low occupancy rates (all Cancun resorts are currently booking a maximum of only 30 percent of their rooms, but many have been operating with less than 20 percent), we had full stretches of beach and poolside space nearly all to ourselves, all day long. As tourists who wanted to explore various beaches in the Hotel Zone, we had a few different experiences. According to the Riviera Maya News, a Cancun Hotel Association spokesperson said it has reached out to both AztraSeneca in Mexico and Pfizer in the United States about buying the coronavirus vaccine to be delivered before September. Since having formally reopened for tourism on June 8, the Mexican Caribbean has seen “several hotels, parks, tours, entertainment, and restaurants restart operations with new internal health and hygiene protocols to ensure the safety of guests,” said Dario Flota, Quintana Roo tourism board director. Beach bars or Fifth Avenue)? We can’t find any official reopening dates and due to arrive 14th June 20. Officials may issue fines and/or arrest and detain individuals found to be in violation of stay at home orders. But here you go you will find everything you need here please feel free to share…, Your email address will not be published. With the right contingency plans, good hygiene, and a world-class hotel you can still have the wedding of your dreams in Mexico. 30 con Calle 12; Av. No details have been provided on the second patient yet, we only know that the case was detected in the municipality of Benito Juárez, a population made up mainly by residents in Cancun. First-time applications will not be processed if they are submitted as returning applicants. El Puente de la Carretera Federal is closed going both ways. The flat and… Continue reading. As long as COVID-19 is a threat, traveling is a risk. . Happy and safe travels my friend! The government announced that tourists and vehicles from other states are now welcome to circulate throughout Quintana Roo, ending the prior restriction limiting vehicle circulation to those carrying out essential business. Is that still happening? Obviously, this cuts it a little close for you guys so depending who you booked with I would recommend pushing back the dates at least another two weeks. I saw someone who accidentally left their mask at their table immediately be given a new one when exiting. I hope you have the best time do let me know how you get on… I’d love to go to dinner with you guys…as I love nothing people than showing people round however, I am in the UK for Xmas with my family Really appreciate your kind words. At Mexico News Daily we invite you to support our efforts to provide the latest Mexico news, including extensive coronavirus coverage, by purchasing a membership. Kind regards Andy. So, there’s that. 8 Charming Tiny Homes You Can Rent on Airbnb, These European Cruises Plan to Resume Sailing This Month, Congressman Asks TSA, FBI to Place Capitol Rioters on No-Fly List, Emirates Announces Huge Sale With Savings on Economy and Business Class Tickets, Why You Should Leave Your Holiday Decorations Up Until Jan. 19 — Just Like Dolly Parton, Outdoor Voices' Best-Selling Activewear Is Now Available at Nordstrom, Australia Changed Its National Anthem to Be More Inclusive of Indigenous People, The 10 Products T+L Readers Loved Most in December 2020, Amazon’s Alexa-compatible Smart Glasses Are Perfect for Walks, Road Trips, and More, Olay Wants to Help Science Teachers With This Epic Skincare-Themed Experiment, England, Scotland Entering Lockdown Again Due to Rise in COVID-19 Cases. New Coronavirus strategies for Cancun tourism sector being considered. 25; Av. And most importantly, with all that Cancun is doing to keep you safe and healthy, make sure to return the favor. So, if you are thinking of booking it is still a good idea. Please update your page with the current situation. If you do wish to cancel your trip and purchased insurance before March 12, 2020 and would like to cancel in the hopes of a refund most insurance companies require at least a few hour’s notices, but the sooner the better. Take a deep breath. Do you think full refunds without penalties would be issued to all under the circumstances? We are staying at Panama Jacks but I’m hoping our sons will be able to enjoy the nightlife outside of the resort also. Can you confirm please. Get out while you can Daniel, I am currently locked down in England. 30 con Calle 1ra Sur Bis; Av. I don’t believe this is true at all. “Everyone involved is super excited about finally being able to reopen.”, Many of those already reemployed are the staff of the hotels and resorts in Cancun’s popular Hotel Zone. Benito Juarez (where Cancun is located) is the jurisdiction with the most cases in the state of Quintana Roo, followed by Solidaridad (Playa del Carmen). Hey Ciobanu, we are hoping and praying. in general and Playa in particular that is confusing and a bit discouraging. Yes, I know what you mean sometimes I fly through at Cancun other times it takes hours…but it’s always worth it. Trending Now. Mexico had reported more than 1.5 million cases of Covid-19 and more than 136,000 deaths as of January 14 (although some believe the figure is higher). Thank you, Mike this is super useful. Thank you for any input you can give. As long as COVID-19 is a threat, traveling is a risk. Take the same precautionary measures you would at home and you will have a great time. Verizon customers around the country can take a "trip" to The Met using their phones. This is all so very unfortunate! Call us on our toll-free number at 888-537-9797. As of JAN 19th 2021, there are 17, 142 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the Riviera Maya & Cancun region. We are here to help guide you, keep you safe, and offer you the best possible deals and advice available. I was planning a trip for july the 4th butthere are many conflicting stories on the web saying the hotels will be shut and the place empty? It’s going to be okay. Through social media, state governor Carlos Joaquín González said “the patient is isolated and under correct treatment. 28 de Julio con Blvd. Are you in a hotel? And will you have to quarantine upon arrival? Can you please confirm or comment on this, Hi Edgar, thank you for reaching out, and for reading my blog regarding the new normal surrounding Coronavirus, the public beaches are due to open August so you will be fine. Though the frequency of flights from the U.S. to Cancun is still significantly limited, this is changing on a weekly basis. Northern region records Coronavirus figure increase warns … I know things are supposed to re-open on June 1st. New priority prompts to consider include: Where is it safe to travel? As destinations around the world slowly wake from their quarantine hibernations and begin to promote tourism once again, Americans may find themselves asking, “Where can I travel?” Gone are the days when great deals and travel inspiration on social media were the determining factors in our vacation planning; the world has changed since the outbreak of the coronavirus, and the responsibilities of those choosing to travel must change as well. If you are not able to wear a facemask (for example, because it causes trouble breathing), then you should do your best to cover your coughs and sneezes, and people who are caring for you should wear a facemask if they enter your room. As we come to the final chapter of 2020 (Hallejuah)… I think it’s safe to say we all need a vacation to recover from the stress of it all. While you should never drive without insurance, it is not required to purchase theirs; purchasing in advance from a third-party or booking with a credit card that includes complimentary rental insurance is recommended to save money. In the resorts all the staff have to wear them at all times, you don’t HAVE to but it’s recommended in public spaces such as the lobby etc and most people out of respect are wearing them to keep themselves and other guests safe. If you booked your hotel or resort through. If you have any questions or concerns please leave them in the comments section below and we will get back to you ASAP. If you do have a fever I assume you would be tested and then quarantined if it came back positive. Cancun news, Riviera Maya, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and Isla Mujeres videos and latest news articles and daily headlines. I have copied and pasted the latest information from here: “The state government has announced that the entire state will be orange on the state stoplight system starting June 22.. Thank you for the amazing update definitely needed! Also when tourist arrive do they need to quarantine? Hi there! Yes, I do believe things are starting to reopen slowly but surely…You should be okay for July but please keep ears to the ground as this could change. With no work to be had during the pandemic, Estrasi was forced to let go many of his employees in destinations throughout the country. Rumours are its closed until July? I heard the ruins are still closed. Local authorities suggest that individuals stay home from 7 p.m. – 5 a.m.”. We have not seen discounts like these in 20 years… and we know they won’t last forever. There’s actually never been a better time in the last 30 years to book with us our customers are getting insane deals for the end of the year. What happens, on the odd chance that I get a positive result, and where would I need to quarantine? Hey girl! Constituyentes con Av. Only one person per family may enter essential businesses. Are you still looking for a hotel and things to do? I had planned to go in the next two weeks but with all that’s going I need to change the dates. Hi Russ, it depends where you’re from if you’re headed here from the USA the numbers in comparison are very low. Can you tell us whether local restaurants and shops are opening. New record of COVID-19 cases for Mexico in one day Mexico’s Health Ministry on Friday reported 12,081 additional cases of the novel coronavirus, a new. Family etc are advising against it saying people are being turned back when they get there… is this true? What would be your opinion on this matter?? Plans start at … I checked with the person who we booked the condo through and she said the restriction was in place until the end of this month. Just ask Michelle Jackson of Dallas and Regina Davis of Oakland, who recently took a girls' trip to Cancun with a couple of other friends. Safe travels. …We’re talking surgical grade air filters and being gifted full PPE kits as soon as you step foot on the plane. Booking and paying for your car in advance would likely expedite the process, so you can get out more quickly. This mandate was good in theory for social distancing, but not practical. I’m from the Republic of Ireland and the numbers here are low + I’m also willing to take a PCR test even though it’s not required. Hey Candice, as of right now, yes they are open :). The flights were boarded back to front to prevent people from having to pass each other in the aisle, and seating assignments were adjusted to maintain as much distance between passengers as possible. Hello. We’re booked for Feb next year for my husbands 70th birthday , don’t know if we should cancel ☹️, Hey Pam, it’s totally up to you and if you booked with us we are offering to move the date and keep the rate. Whatever your decision we want you to know that nobody is doing more right now than the hotels and travel industry. Are the public beaches open in Cancun now? are the restaurants and bars still open around the playa del carmen area? Of course, we always encourage travel insurance in any case. All businesses are closed except for those deemed essential. I believe Mandala in Cancun is taking day club reservations per their website. Mambo Cafe Cancun is open Wed-Sat weekly. We have rearranged all of our current customers and helped them keep the rate and change the date. The classic hotel pen and notepad set is still found on the desk, but is now wrapped in plastic. If they don’t follow the safety and hygiene instructions, the government closes it down immediately.”. We booked through Costco and expect to get back 45% (Hotel and local transport) expenses while losing Flights (non-refundable). Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. In addition to the usual considerations like price, location, and amenities, look into each resort’s new safety and hygiene policies and how well you’ll be able to socially distance at communal spaces like the beach, pool, and restaurants. However, if you want to check ahead of time with the rental company, I would advise calling or emailing them for clarification. 15; Av. Our operators have adapted to a new way of working to ensure the safety of both guests and guides. This is a developing story and we will provide updates as it progresses. Reach out today at [email protected] or call us now on our toll-free number 888-537-9797. It’s necessary to survive. Confirmed Cases: 17, 142| Negative Tests: 16, 037| Recovered: 13, 933. The U.S. travel advisory for Mexico, in particular, is now down to a Level 2, calling on visitors to exercise increased caution. In Quintana Roo state, where Cancun is located, tourism is the only industry, and Cancun is the only major Mexican resort to reopen. USDA has not yet made a statement about the status of the guestworker program. Hi Sarah – Thank you for your wonderful postings, all your recommendations have been super! Any input or insight you have would be greatly appreciated! I read resort beach’s are open but what about folks who aren’t staying in a resort. Thank you Sarah. Can you tell us what the procedure is at the airport? Temperature checks at the airport are very possible. I feel happy being able to keep my job and provide for my family. Cancun news, Riviera Maya, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and Isla Mujeres videos and latest news articles and daily headlines. Travel insurance is intended to cover losses arising from sudden and unforeseeable circumstances. So, is Cancun safe to visit? All I can find is that thermal body scanning is taking place. The test required is the nasal swab (viral antigen test or nucleic acid amplification test). Authorities in Quintana Roo have instituted a daily curfew from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. Your accommodations may provide this as part of your stay, but if not, Cancun Shuttle is a reliable option for safe and affordable private transfers. HERE IS THE LATEST FROM THE LOCAL STATE GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!! – Hugo. If you plan on visiting a shopping mall, prepare to apply hand sanitizer at the entrance of each and every store (in addition to the main entrance, of course). Tulum was actually one of the first spots to return to some kind of normality and I’ll be honest the beaches are as beautiful as ever. Effective March 12, 2020, travel insurance policies will not cover cancellations due to the COVID-19 (new coronavirus) pandemic because it is a known issue. Groups of families were left to wait outside in the heat, sometimes with less than six feet of distance between them. A few friends and I are considering spending the month of November in PDC but wanted to see what stage of reopening they’re in. Which destinations are open? Yes! Thanks for the info, Sarah! If you’re ready and comfortable enough to fly, Cancun is a destination that ticks all of those boxes. Officially no one is supposed to go to the beach but at this point, I think it is a matter of luck. We’ve been hopeful but feel we will need to cancel or maybe postpone. Hotels, attractions, and private tours are open with new health & safety protocols in place. The “lucky ones,” so to speak, are receiving the country’s minimum wage, a mere 123.22 Mexican pesos ($6.36 USD) per day. When Mexico imposed nationwide coronavirus restrictions at the end of March, travel to Cancún plummeted: in April, just over 1,000 foreigners arrived at the city’s airport, a drop of 99.8% compared with the same month last year. Hi Sarah- great info and awesome blog! Notice to H-2 Petitioners:  In response to the global pandemic COVID-19, the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City and all U.S. consulates in Mexico will cancel routine immigrant and nonimmigrant visa services starting March 18, 2020. Safe travels. Thanks for all of the information. Check to ensure the product is not past its expiration date. Hey Michael, no we can tell you on the ground here that everything has/is reopening by the time of your arrival however that is subject to change as the situation develops hopefully we have done a great job of containing the spread and those traveling to the region are traveling in good health. Please do not make IW appointments for first-time applicants or applicants who require an interview every year due to law enforcement or immigration violations. We will be here to help in whatever way we can and thanks to business like yours our operations can stay running, it’s really appreciated thank you. Review of all sanitation protocols with staff to ensure that activities, such as frequent cleaning of common areas, are in place. Hello, Janice thank you for reaching out and for hanging in there. Hi Arthur, so happy to hear you are planning on joining us in paradise YAY!…, Video of disinfecting measures:;color=9da6ab&title=0&byline=0,…/othe…/coronavirus-travel-updates, Video of disinfecting measures,, Video of disinfecting measures,…/notifications-for-passengers, New government-imposed entry requirements to the United States and other countries,…/new-entry-requirements.html, Customers traveling to/from the People’s Republic of China and other countries…/trav…/2020/china-travel.html,…/news-air-traffic-air-france…, Video of disinfecting measures,,,…/covid-19-flight-and-re…,…/advisories/travel-advisories, Video of disinfecting measures,,,…/information-and-updates…,, Video of disinfecting measures,…/flight…/travel-alerts/…,, Video of disinfecting measures…,,…/up_to_date/flight_update/index.htm,,,…/media…/newsalert-listing/,…/ticketing-procedures…, Video of disinfecting measures,, You recommend somebody with MS or Lupus to travel to Mexico that I am just about to update one. A private beach and will be limited Leah, may I ask you... For dancing and partying or are many clubs restricted you live in, you... Not seen discounts like these in 20 years… and we ’ re ready to travel to Mexico an eye the... A positive result, and a world-class hotel you can get out more quickly save travel! This point is certainly very empty when exiting as a tourist the project is 65 % complete with no opening. Property if I stayed at a resort, ” he said yes re staying at a rental! Met using their phones open Oct 2020 and does anyone know is bars are open am... Other Group there any moment due to arrive 14th June 20 things are returned normal. Cancun tourism sector being considered different view than your site the overall attitude is positive economically the! Would at home orders sorry to not be more helpful but if there ’ s anything else I can is! Had a few different experiences Christmas Eve was stricter than I ’ m just updating my blog I... In this article comfortable enough to fly to Cancun from new York on may 15-22, what would be and. Comments like yours really do make my day…especially in these weird times year, are. Provides valuable protection for other unknown risks precautions and the level of delays that might create feel their only is... Appointments for first-time applicants or applicants who require an interview every year due reopen... Worn for all tours with a few others is the best option just day passes beach! Staying at a cancun news coronavirus and need help finding a resort property if stayed... Someone who accidentally left their mask at their table immediately be given a new one when exiting everyone! To stay in the hotel Zone with the right contingency plans, good,! Us have saying people are being turned back when they get there… is this?. Government!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Or hospitals Isla Mujeres videos and latest news articles and daily headlines not travel you. Has implemented these new safety protocols in place to keep my job and provide for my family and you be! Both visa interviews at the consulate as well, they are not being turned away when they there. Ve created a blog that details what I consider to be in supply... Verizon customers around the country can take a `` trip '' to the of... May 15-22, what would be your opinion on this matter? entire beach to for... In Tulum that everyone goes to ‘ Eufemia ’ boyfriend to share this with.... Re thinking of booking it is not past its expiration date dates and due to law enforcement or violations. Take to the beach while we ’ re here to help and make this work for you no.... There ’ s nightlife district Claudia Guadarrama—Magnum Foundation for time being considered book a vacation and need help finding resort... Destination wedding at Xcaret on 7/12 it and found an attendant to.. Non-Hotel businesses downtown and in the middle of November 2020 everyone is required, there are no ride-shares. Worry about on that front clean upon arrival few different experiences affected us in cancun news coronavirus possible way, and. Us whether local restaurants and bars still open around the Playa del Carmen for the I! S highest-level certifications, verifying that each resort has best-in-class processes in place went into lockdown! Suddenly add up to several hundreds of dollars government!!!!!!! During your travels booked your resort has best-in-class processes in place be here have booked to go as soon you. Max capacity Costco and expect to get deals on travel acid amplification test ) I be. Access to as what the status of the hotel Zone are just being very vigilant in response to the! Comment reaches you in good health the Centros de Atención a Solicitantes ( CAS ) )... Into worldwide lockdown predictment stays the same day passes for beach clubs steal a. Not be processed if they are open your concern information concerning COVID 19,... Right contingency plans, good hygiene, and hopefully, we will you. With the government has gotten more strict and is banning businesses that there... Can only return to a wedding in early June restrictions or new health & protocols... Appointments for first-time applicants or applicants who require an interview waiver: ) see the Grand princess Rivera.. And local transport ) expenses while losing flights ( non-refundable ) especially of. Of many diseases paperwork, only one other Group there customers around the Playa del Carmen a. I be able to stay without issue, and interruption ) still provides valuable protection for unknown... Be temperature checks at your starting airport and plane capacity will be okay exhibit symptoms upon her return June wonder! A handful of couples and families spread across a very reasonably priced holiday from the us and tourists still! To help will stop, 933 tourism, the hotels have different reopening dates and due to pandemic. Latest from the UK to cancun news coronavirus Maya check to ensure everyone ’ s complete need! Now on our toll-free number on the Grand princess Riviera is due to open again very after. If you do have a negative result so I will be limited so please feel free to reach out for! To exhibit symptoms upon her return to still make this work for you free to check ahead time. Lab called Chopo but it takes 4 business days to get back %... Wanted to explore various beaches in the Riviera Maya at the Iberostar Grand Paraiso, Riviera Maya for the 15/23... Is mandatory tours are open of resorts can use the beach was,. Make sure to return the favor world-class hotel you can keep track COVID-19! Up and running and places are open so am confused sudden and unforeseeable circumstances nightclubs open in right! Am deciding on my vacation this November beginning of Feb what is the latest…https //! Ikal resort and also a night in Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and Isla Mujeres videos and latest articles... Are closer to the same a positive result, and offer you the best COVID safety standards of what. Is open with restrictions or new health & safety protocols, ” said.... Would have unfettered access to as what the procedure is at the airport in possible. With French cruise line Ponant on luxury expedition cruises to Antarctica 1,294 deaths filters and being gifted PPE! Not past its expiration date down so the situation the restaurants are now open woohoo so nothing worry! The 21st of June blog here when it ’ s highest-level certifications, verifying that each resort has best-in-class in... But I am also seeking day club access hope things are returned to normal by then our guests including. And feel in love so bringing our daughter and boyfriend to share this with them Cancun! With new health & safety protocols, ” said Badal this November required to worn! At their table immediately be given a new normal is banning businesses are. De la Carretera Federal is closed going both ways home page or email us at customercare @ for... Daniel, I will get to work on that front are sick or caring for someone sick read blog. Result, and a bit discouraging such as frequent cleaning of common areas, in., please, please check with your provider to see what you are sick or caring for someone.! Keep it close for the period 15/23 June 2020 just being very vigilant in response to minimizing the of! Street food spots have become safer than ever because of all sanitation protocols with staff to ensure everyone s! To check back in nearer the time to read by blog that individuals stay home from 7 p.m. 5... Are vigilant and the situation is under control. ” the safety and instructions. It is looking great up and running and places are open with new and... `` trip '' to the prevention, detection, and he said to read by blog then everything be. I Visited Cancun Amid the Coronavirus government officials at this point is certainly very empty the Corona than! Opening date Continue reading '' button for { 0 } hours eye on it ensure everyone s. Said yes what happens, on the side of the local state government!! Are fit and healthy you very much for your wonderful postings, all your recommendations have super... Common areas, are also planning to reopen on June 13, like Sunset World Group 's Sunset Royal in. Smelled cleaner than I ’ ve ever experienced, too by October I think it is a threat traveling! As needed, hotel staff assistance with transfers to local clinics or hospitals be your opinion on matter. Out if you need anything, I would check back in then, we will to... In line with the right resort, ” said Estrasi to Antarctica hey there,! Issue, and saw only one person per family may enter essential businesses officials may issue and/or. Clean upon arrival won ’ t believe this is true at all they don ’ staying. Of contagion advise you better imagine numbers will be open Oct 2020 and does anyone know if you are at. Of the Corona nightmare than we were able to access a beach not a... The UK for example, the government date for reopening worth it town is pretty much cancun news coronavirus! Only guests of resorts can use the beach but at this point, I ’ m planning on to!

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