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Wundercakes is a small batch, boozy cupcake bakery. Each of our cupcake flavors are inspired by real people… basically if we distill a few of these humans down into flavors, a Wundercake is what we would find. 

As we are small batch, we create on-demand style cupcakes in San Fransisco. Cupcakes are ordered via contact form below. We sell small batches, 12 or 24 per type and are made to order, ranging from 4-6$ per wundercake.

Whiskey and Bacon

The Evan, crafted for the bearded, carnivore, designer based in the Bay Area. Always ready to dot the day with spicy meat and finish with a great whiskey. The Evan is just that, minus the spicy.

Chocolate and Nikka Coffey Grain Whiskey topped with bacon buttercream and stuck with more whiskey.

Salted Lime, Tequila, Ancho Reyes

The Katie is crafted for an activist and artist in San Francisco. She is multi talented and incredibly generous.

Vanilla, tequila, lime cake brushed with Ancho Reyes topped with a tequila buttercream and stuck with Ancho Reyes for a wee bit of a kick. 

Chocolate, Espresso, Bourbon

Our best seller! The Brad, developed for a dry humored, engineer from Philadelphia. Half bourbon, half espresso. Just like the real thing.

Chocolate, Espresso, Bulleit Bourbon with a Espresso Vanilla Buttercream, topped with more bourbon.

Shown in VEGAN

Blood Orange Sangria, Gin, Fruit

The Orsi (Or-she) is crafted for a silks swinging, game artist. Both her and the worlds she create are colorful and full of surprises, just like The Orsi.

Vanilla, blood orange, and fresh berries with a gin-based, red sangria, topped with a blood orange buttercream, fresh fruit, and sangria. Perfect for summer.

Lavender, Honey, Citrus, Gin

Inspired by a true empath, Katrina, a kind and gentle person to celebrate a new path in life.

Notes of lavender mingle with orange and honey, fueled by gin and topped off with a touch of Tanqueray.

Passion Fruit Mojito

Crafted for the Lil'Sass, when he's not surfing in Puerto Rico or building the next big thing, you can find him enjoying a bit of Barrilito.

Lime, passion fruit, and Barrilito Rum cupcake topped with a lightly toasted rum meringue icing and topped off with more rum.

Peppermint and Chocolate Godiva

The Vaughn is crafted for Christmas' number one fan, my mom. Artist and foodie, this cupcake conjures a Norman Rockwell holiday.

Chocolate and peppermint cake with a striped vanilla buttercream topped with candy canes and stuck with Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur.

Only available from November – January. Non-alcholic and vegan options available.

The Katrina

Lavender, Honey, Citrus, Gin

The Orsi

Blood orange gin sangria with fresh fruit.

The Evan

Chocolate, bacon and whiskey


Drop us a line...

... and we would love to craft the perfect boozy treat for you!

We are located in San Fransisco. Orders can be made by contacting us to craft a custom, small batch order of 12 or 24, and up to two types per order. Please reach out with any questions!

I never really thought cupcakes could get any better until I had a Wundercake! The creative, perfectly balanced flavors are always delicious, and the added little accompaniment of cleverly paired alcohol is a cool “grown-up” touch that also makes the cupcakes exceptionally moist. My new favorite dessert, perfect for any occasion!

Orsi Spanyol

As a seller, she is really on the ball about timing. The cupcakes were ready for pick-up at the exact promised time and presented in beautiful tulip paper cups in a nice windowed box.

Astra Kim

The Brad cupcakes themselves were dense but moist and the heavy buttercream frosting has enough body to stand up to the strength of the flavors at play. The texture of the cupcake itself it not too delicate that the bourbon and espresso are overpowering, neither are they swallowed by the chocolate or the buttercream. The extra pipette of bourbon is also a fantastic extra touch for both visual presentation and flavor.

Astra Kim